Sunday, August 23, 2009

I must get started again

After a long hiatus from my favorite hobby I have decide to encourage myself to get started again. It seems life has a way of pushing aside those things you enjoy doing for the things you must do. Today I must get back to the thing that keeps me sane in a crazy world: sewing.

I have 2 things on my list for this week: Pattern Master Boutique 4 and finishing a UFO from last summer before it's too late for this summer!

PMB4: I purchased this software about 2 years ago at the Novi (American Sewing Expo) show- a bit impulsivley, but I had seen great success on my favorite sewing website:

Yesterday I updated and upgraded my old version (V3) to the newest. This week I work on getting measurements and the fitting shell.

Last summer I cut out a simple jean jacket using this McCall's pattern:

I just love Palmer & Pletsch patterns. This one bears a strong resemblance to a Chico's jean jacket from a couple of seasons ago. Just your wardrobe basic. Mine is in a wild printed stretch twill that I got at Fabric Depot in Portland. I'm off to sew now. Pictures of the completed project later.

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