Sunday, August 30, 2009

PMB4: The journey

The other thing on my “to do” list this week was to begin learning PMB4. Well, let’s just say I haven’t found the “user friendly” part yet. Today I got all my measurements entered into the chart. I had my name in the client field, I clicked on save, and…………………..I have no idea where they went but I sure can’t find them. Of course I have the utmost faith in technology so I did not write them down. Sigh……………..I guess I’ll start over. I must have missed something somewhere. Seems like I’ve watched a lot of “movies” but I did not find an answer to that one.

One of the challenges of living smaller city is that I can’t find other users that live in my area. I have posted on the forums to no response. I even tried the “patternmasterusers” group on yahoo. No response to my introduction as a newbie. I tried a post on the boards on PR- last responder said take measurements, sew fit garment, email support…………She didn’t say what to do if my measurements disappeared.

Well, enough frustration for today………….I’ve closed out the program and I’ve emailed tech support and I’ll try again when I know what I keep doing wrong. I’ll let you know how it goes……….

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I must get started again

After a long hiatus from my favorite hobby I have decide to encourage myself to get started again. It seems life has a way of pushing aside those things you enjoy doing for the things you must do. Today I must get back to the thing that keeps me sane in a crazy world: sewing.

I have 2 things on my list for this week: Pattern Master Boutique 4 and finishing a UFO from last summer before it's too late for this summer!

PMB4: I purchased this software about 2 years ago at the Novi (American Sewing Expo) show- a bit impulsivley, but I had seen great success on my favorite sewing website:

Yesterday I updated and upgraded my old version (V3) to the newest. This week I work on getting measurements and the fitting shell.

Last summer I cut out a simple jean jacket using this McCall's pattern:

I just love Palmer & Pletsch patterns. This one bears a strong resemblance to a Chico's jean jacket from a couple of seasons ago. Just your wardrobe basic. Mine is in a wild printed stretch twill that I got at Fabric Depot in Portland. I'm off to sew now. Pictures of the completed project later.